Deburring External Chamfer Tool - Default Title - Awesales
Deburring External Chamfer Tool - Awesales
Deburring External Chamfer Tool - Awesales
Deburring External Chamfer Tool - Awesales

Deburring External Chamfer Tool

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The DECT™ instantly repairs damaged bolts so you can thread nuts in place, so you won't waste time and labor filing threads by hand ever again!

The DECT™ is a tool bit that simplifies the repair process, drastically shortening repair time, as well as bypassing the need to replace expensive or hard to find hardware while keeping safety at a previously unattainable level.

To use it properly:

  • This tool should not chatter.
  • This tool should not over heat the work piece.
  • This tool should not over heat or spark.
  • Threads are sheared off, not folded over as happens with a grinder.
  • This tool is the only external chamfer device that holds a patent for hand power drill use.
  • The difference between this tool and any other method is time saved. And time is money.
  • Fits size 8-32 bolts (.164) up to 3/4″-10 (.750) - (4mm -19mm)

    SIMPLERSimple design and a compact size, means the DECT™ is easily carried in your tool pouch. Quickly slap it into your hand drill and start repairing work pieces.

    FASTERSave an immeasurable amount of time and money by not replacing expensive and hard to find fasteners. Especially when dealing with fixed bolts.

    SAFERSafety conscientious design means no cut hands, no sparks, and no burns. This translates into fewer injury claims and worker time off. In short, your work will be faster and more affordable.

    Effective on:

    • Stainless, Hardened, Mild Steel
    • Copper, Brass
    • Aluminum
    • Fiberglass
    • Wood, Plastic


    Some popular applications for your reference:


    You’re a mechanic and you just mangled the wheel lug you were working on. Instead of spending the time to disassemble the hub, caliper and rotor to replace it with another lug that comes out of your profits, you can quickly repair the damaged lug with your DECT™ and carry on.


    You’re an engineer building a bridge, and while setting a support post, the base smashes the threads on the concrete anchor bolt that is epoxied in place. Not a problem, because you have a DECT™ in your tool pouch. Quickly repair the bolt with your DECT™, thread the nut and away you go.


    This tool works by way of shearing metal layer by layer. So there are some important things to know about using the DECT™. The most important thing to know is this: THE SLOWER THE BETTER. Using the lowest speed on your drill (50-400 RPMs), apply decent pressure and the tool will do the rest. Remember that we’re not making metal pencils; We’re removing damaged threads to allow an easy nut start. Remove only the amount of material from the work piece that you need, and you will preserve the life of your DECT™.

    Most repairs only require removing a single thread. The DECT™ is a cutter, and just like a drill bit it will reach the end of life depending on how you use the tool. Slow speed along with no unnecessary cutting and the use of cutting oil or another lubricant will bring your DECT™ long life. Refrain from turning every work piece into a pencil, and you’ll keep the DECT™ cutting edge sharp for much longer.

    Product details:

    • Tool Steel
    • Effective up to Grade 8 SAE
    • Fits size 8-32 bolts (.164) up to 3/4″-10 (.750) - (4mm -19mm)
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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